Capsule CRM Integration


Capsule CRM Integration

A custom-built Capsule CRM plugin that integrates directly into all areas of your business will greatly streamline the customer management process. Venture Motion will integrate Capsule CRM with email, Wordpress and whatever else your business relies on to operate.  


Task Summary

  • Integrate Capsule CRM with all areas of your website.
  • Connect Capsule CRM directly to your calendars.
  • Integrate Capsule CRM into all of your lead generation tools.
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Capsule CRM Integration

A custom Capsule CRM plugin

Capsule CRM plugins for WordPress and other content management systems are available, but sometimes these ‘off-the-shelf’ plugins just don’t cut it. We’ll work directly with your team to build a bespoke custom Capsule CRM plugin for your website.

Because we build our custom plugins with your website and business in mind, we guarantee perfect integration into your existing business processes. We can integrate Capsule CRM into all email clients, from Gmail to Outlook to any custom email service you might be using. Whatever you need to integrate Capsule CRM into, from Zapier to Mailchimp, we’re here to help.


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