Custom Alexa Skills Development


Custom Alexa Skills for your business

Virtual assistants are becoming more and more common in the private space, from the Amazon Echos in your kitchen to the Siri in your pocket. While consumers are using these virtual assistants to their fullest extent, businesses are often missing out. We build custom Alexa skills that will streamline the running of your business, adding a whole new revenue stream from a whole new audience with your own virtual assistant.


Task Summary

  • Build bespoke Alexa Skills for your business.
  • Integrate your existing business programs with a virtual assistant.
  • Built entirely to your specifications.
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Custom Alexa Skills Development

Building Alexa skills for business

Our custom Alexa skills development service can give your business access to a wide range of features built into your Amazon devices to help streamline all aspects of your business. We can build skills that integrate seamlessly into the existing areas of your business, giving you voice control of calendars, CRMs and more.

On top of this, the custom skills we can develop for your Amazon devices will easily fill the role of true virtual assistants. For instance, we could build skills to directly integrate into your stock management services to notify you of any and all relevant updates on the fly.

Get in touch with the Venture Motion team today and discover the impact that custom-built Alexa skills can have on your business.


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