Virtual Sales Department


Virtual Sales Department

Today’s businesses are confronted with a consistently more digital world. With remote working and constantly connected international teams becoming more and more commonplace, it’s important for businesses to stay ahead of the digital curve. Full cloud integration is frequently seen across many departments in businesses, from accounts to marketing.

Despite this widespread cloud integration, traditional sales teams that operate over the phone often find themselves tied to an office or call centre. You may be able to monitor your sales remotely through a cloud-based CRM, but determining how to move the call function of the sales process to the cloud is not as straightforward.


Task Summary

  • Track your sales team through a cloud dashboard.
  • Automatically push sales calls into your CRM.
  • Give your sales team the option to seamlessly work from home.
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Virtual Sales Department

A virtual call centre

We’ll build a virtual call centre and sales team system for your business, meaning that your sales team are able to work from almost anywhere in the world – as long as they have an internet connection. Our virtual call centre technology will allow management to monitor calls using a cloud dashboard, essentially allowing your teams to work just as they would in the office.

Of course, any sales made through the virtual sales department can be integrated into whichever CRM your team is using. You’ll have all call stats, notes and any other data made available to you through an entirely virtual system.

A virtual sales department will save cost, make your business more flexible and give your sales team a boost in morale. Whether due to an emergency or just personal preference, your sales team will be able to work fully remotely. Bringing the team online in a custom-built cloud environment means that you can be confident in your sales team’s ability to work from home, without compromising their ability to get results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I move my outbound sales team to the cloud?

Venture Motion has a range of solutions etc.....


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