Grow your marketing conversion rates with our suite of marketing automation modules.  Enhance your sales and marketing journeys by creating perfectly timed triggers and automations with real time data.  

Custom Form Builder

Build entirely customised forms with your customer base in mind with our custom form building platform. Determine the field configurations, allow drag and drop uploads and more. Custom forms enhance your user journeys, creating a better UX and increasing your click-through and conversion rates.

Lead Flow Automation

Let our decision engine automate your lead scoring process. Define your own custom criteria that scores submissions based on lead data. Set triggers based on criteria including automated messaging, internal system actions and more to generate warmer lead flow.

Instant Call Back

Instantly connect with form-filling leads with our instant call back automation. Only 37% of companies respond to form-fills within an hour, but studies show that if you call the lead in the first 5 minutes after they have filled the web form, they will be 100 times more likely to speak on the phone. Once the form is filled and submitted to you, our system will automatically connect both your team and the customer through our communications API, giving them a truly instant call back.

Comms Integration

Automatically communicate with your prospects and customers through WhatsApp, SMS, phone calls and more with our custom Comms Integration module. Integrate your business with a range of external communication platforms, allowing them to be automatically triggered once criteria you set is met.

CRM Integration

Use your CRM as a central point for all the data collected from potential leads. Utilise the forms on your website or landing pages to build a central data point within your CRM. Whether you use Pipedrive, Zoho, Hubspot or any other major CRM platform, we can integrate all the necessary data to provide you with a hub to easily understand your customer data.

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