If you’re operating within the finance industry, you’ll understand the importance of ensuring the accuracy of the kyc and underwriting process, but that can be very expensive and time consuming. This is where our LendTech automation platform comes in. Discover how LendTech can simplify and speed up the entire process, from analysing applicant spending habits to creating accurate eligibility reports.

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LendTech for B2B lenders

As a B2B lender, having a deep understanding of your customers is essential. As such, the underwriting and kyc processes can be time consuming and expensive. Whether checking and validating Companies or simply determining whether or not a business would be eligible for a loan, it isn’t an easy process.

LendTech for mortgage lenders

The mortgage lending process is often long and time consuming. A need for extraordinarily high accuracy in the underwriting and approval process means that approving loans for mortgage applicants can be expensive, time consuming and manpower intensive.

That’s why we developed LendTech. Our automated underwriting system for mortgage providers that enhances every aspect of the mortgage process.

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LendTech for mortgage brokers

Mortgage brokerage is an industry highly reliant on accuracy. As a mortgage broker, you need to understand the intricacies and financial history of each application, which can make for a process that is expensive and time consuming.

With LendTech, we offer a service that eliminates the time and slashes the cost of every mortgage application with our powerful automations.

LendTech for consumer finance lenders & brokers

When you’re a lender, it’s really important to understand exactly who your customers are. A highly accurate underwriting and kyc process is, therefore, essential – but that can be very expensive and time consuming. 

From analysing applicant spending habits to creating accurate eligibility reports, our LendTech automation platform simplifies and speeds up the entire process.

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LendTech for car financers

When providing loans in the car financing and leasing sector, it’s very important to have a complete and clear financial profile of every applicant. Confirming applicant identities, background checks and credit history all play an essential role in the approval process. 

With our our LendTech automation platform, we make the car finance verification process cost-effective and almost instantaneous.


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How to check company credit scores

How To Check Company Credit Scores Checking credit scores through agencies such as Experian, Equifax or Creditsafe is often an essential part of the operation of many different businesses. When

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