LendTech Platform

Venture Motion LendTech Platform

LendTech is our FinTech Automation platform consisting of a suite of custom built modules that enable organisations in the lending sector to automate their KYC operations and enhance decision making and underwriting. With our Lending Decision Engine at the heart of the platform, we enable finance organisations to automate time consuming underwriting tasks whilst aiding sales and marketing with realtime data. LendTech consists of 5 Core Modules.

LendTech Core Modules

Custom Online Finance Application

Our fully customisable application form module helps make your KYC process more efficient and feeds your customer data directly into the automated decision engine, providing you with highly accurate eligibility reports based on your criteria.

Open Banking Integration

Our Open Banking Module, enables you to view your customer’s bank statements in real time, allowing for efficient and accurate analysis for underwriting and lending decision making.

Bank Statement Upload

For those customers who don’t opt for Open Banking, allow your customers to upload their bank statements directly into a Decision Engine with our bank statement upload module. No more PDF’S, no more paperwork, just clean bank statements ready to be analysed by our engine.

Companies House Integration

Automate the checking and validation process for any limited company and retrieve companies house data in real time giving you instant and accurate insights for your KYC processes.

Lending Decision Engine

Our Lending Decision Engine analyses the data collected from each module within seconds, giving you a score and eligibility report based on your own custom lending criteria.

Eligibility Report

The eligibility report module gives you a score and detailed analysis of the data collected based on the custom criteria you set. This custom report gives the power to make conditional lending offers within seconds of an application being received.



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