SalesTech Platform

The SalesTech platform is our unique finance automation and business intelligence platform that you control. From running credit checks in seconds to making business decisions in real time, SalesTech is an easy-to-use platform that is guaranteed to boost your productivity.

SalesTech Enterprise

For more complex jobs, SalesTech Enterprise gives our commercial clients the ability to integrate their processes into any external data source or API-based systems. With fully bespoke decisioning and ongoing support from our team of experts, you’re in safe hands with SalesTech Enterprise.

The apps underpinning SalesTech

The SalesTech automation platform is built on a foundation of different apps that make
use of both APIs from major credit agencies, as well as custom-built services designed to
benefit any business.

Creditsafe business credit

Creditsafe’s business credit API gives our decision engine access to credit data from millions of businesses across the UK.

SalesTech decision engine

Our automated decision engine takes data from a number of different sources and makes accurate decisions based on your own custom criteria.

Custom online applications

Our fully customisable application form app helps make your KYC process more efficient and feeds your customer data directly into the decision engine.



How to automate business finance

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The benefits of risk-based decision making

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Automating B2B due diligence

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