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Why integrate Companies House data?

Companies House values its free data at around £3 billion and it can be incredibly useful for your business to be able to access that data on the fly. The Companies House API allows you to access all of the data in their systems in almost real time, and we’re here to help you integrate that API into your website.


Companies House API for WordPress

The Companies House Search API can be used to pull through all types of data to your site on the fly. Once implemented, you’ll be able to access critical company data from directors details to incorporation dates , allowing you to integrate into your application process. A Companies House Data API can be essential to the running of any business loan provider.

We can advise and assist with the integration of the Companies House API, so you can pull through whatever data you may need for forms or decision making processes. With an automation algorithm, once implemented with the help of the Venture Motion team, you’ll be able to sit back and let the API do all the work you need it to.

Enhancing your business with Companies House lookup

As a business operating in the B2B sphere, being able to get an insight into company data can be essential to the running of your business. With the Companies House lookup API fully integrated into your systems through Venture Motion’s LendTech offering, the process is entirely seamless. The lookup feature of the API gives you instantaneous access to a huge range of company data to help your business succeed.

The information available through Companies House lookups often underpins lending decision making, so with the API integrated and automated you will be able to save time and money, approving more business loans, more quickly. Get in touch to discover how Companies House lookups can benefit your business today.


Companies House API FAQs

When you work with Venture Motion, we will seamlessly integrate the Companies House API into your systems, without disrupting your existing business processes. From there, the API will be fully automated based on the criteria you provide us.

The Companies House business lookup tool gives users access to a wide range of data about the company being looked up. The data you can view with Companies House lookup includes filing data, insolvency cases, charges, officers and PSC data.

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We've built integrations and automations to Companies House for our Clients for a variety of data validation and credit enhancing purposes

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