Why integrate Companies House data?

Companies House values its free data at around £3 billion and it can be incredibly useful for your business to be able to access that data on the fly as it updates and changes.

Our Companies House API allows you to access all of the data in their systems in real time.

When you work with Venture Motion, we ensure the API is fully integrated into your existing systems of work.

With the ability to instantly enrich your data by automatically accessing the company information your business relies on, your know-your-customer and know-your-business process will be more streamlined than ever before.

Whether you need to keep an updated record of director information, or want to sense-check potential customers for any CCJs or previous bankruptcies, our API integration makes it easier than ever.

Enhancing your business with Companies House lookup

When operating in the B2B sphere, being able to get an insight into company data can be essential to the running of your business.

With the Companies House lookup API fully integrated into your systems, the process is entirely seamless.

The lookup feature of the API gives you instantaneous access to a huge range of company data to help your business succeed.

The information available through Companies House lookups often underpins lending decision making, so with the API integrated and automated you will be able to save time and money, approving more business loans, more quickly.

How our Companies House API works

We live in a truly digital age, but keeping totally on top of new technologies can be difficult for businesses with established systems and processes. Our digital transformation audits provide you with one-to-one consultations and strategies to help bring your business into the future.

Our digital transformation strategies seek to employ automations, built to your requirements, to ensure that your business stays ahead of the competition. With bespoke digital automation solutions, your internal and external processes can be brought into the digital age, while also helping your business to save time and money.

Companies House API Video Guide

Onboarding Automation

Client onboarding is the cornerstone of a strong and successful relationship between business and client, which is why it’s important to allocate your time only to the most important tasks. With client onboarding automations, you’ll be able to automate repetitive tasks such as adding new clients into your CRM and sending introductory emails, while freeing up time for you to spend on providing a helpful service and building a successful relationship.

Our automated customer onboarding systems are always built to your businesses needs, following a thorough audit of your existing processes. As bespoke automations, they can be adapted to work with a wide range of CRMs, email clients and other software that you may be utilising.

It all starts with an automation audit, so contact us today to book yours.

Integrate with our Companies House API

For an in-depth walkthrough of how our Companies House API integration can benefit your business, book a call today for a demo from the Venture Motion team.



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