SalesTech offers automated, accurate and reliable business credit data powered by Creditsafe.

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What does credit checking API integration involve?

Credit checking customers and suppliers is a core aspect of many businesses’ operations whether it’s at lead generation, underwriting, due diligence or onboarding stages. Venture Motion’s credit checking API integration gives you access to a plug and play decision engine that checks business credit data in real time from Creditsafe.

SalesTech is super easy to use, and incredibly powerful.

Once you sign up to our SalesTech platform, you’ll be given instant access to our easy-to-use credit decision engine. Our SalesTech onboarding team will walk you through the set-up process and, in no time at all, our credit checking automations and integrations will give you the ability to plug real time credit checking data directly into your current processes, CRMs and other systems.

Creditsafe API Integration

SalesTech gives your website full access to the Creditsafe database. Offering detailed company profiles, financial performance data and a host of credit score information, it’s almost essential for any business within the commercial credit sector.

As an official integrations partner with Creditsafe, our platform ensures your business has access to critical business credit data via our API. Whatever you need to use business credit data for, we ensure that you’ll have immediate access to business credit reports with our powerful API.

Company Credit Checks graphic

Business Credit Checks powered by Creditsafe

When checking a company credit score, it’s essential that you generate accurate company credit reports with data from a reputable provider. As an official Creditsafe integration partner, all of our data is sourced from one of the world’s largest credit agencies. 

Backed up with credit data from over 6 million British businesses, each data point you access with our powerful API is always highly accurate and up to date. With our credit checking API at your disposal, you can be confident that you’re always using the best business credit data possible.

Business Credit Check API FAQs

A Creditsafe company credit score, or Creditsafe business credit score is the score assigned to a business by Creditsafe based on that company’s credit history. The higher the score, the better the company’s credit history. You can view a Creditsafe company credit score by using Creditsafe’s credit report service.



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