If we get away from all the jargon, marketing is about putting your business in front of the right people and while they’re paying attention. More and more, we’re reaching for our headphones for entertainment, enjoyment, and online shopping. 

This is how your business can get involved in the voice revolution.

There are 7 million podcast fans in the UK

Over 7 million of us listen to podcasts every week – a 24% increase on 2018’s figures. This isn’t a passing interest either, half of current podcast listeners have been regularly subscribing to podcasts for over 2 years. The top three genres are entertainment, comedy, and discussion & talk shows.

Amazon acquired Audible for $300 million back in 2008, showing they were already interested in producing digital content. As usual, Amazon’s speculation was right. The US is now the world’s biggest audio market, generating audiobook sales of over $2.5 billion

Why we love flexible, accessible content

We’re making and consuming more audio content than ever before, partly because audio content fits comfortably with any kind of busy lifestyle. Audio content is one of the most flexible mediums. Unlike video or written content, you can choose to give an audiobook or podcast your full attention, or listen during your commute or while you’re working.

Video hasn’t been entirely replaced by audio content – podcasts with videos are one of the most popular amongst listeners. YouTube is the preferred podcasting platform for 18-54 year olds.

There’s no perfect length for video and audio podcast. Successful content can range from 20 minutes to several hours, it all depends on whether it gains an audience or not. Micro video content like TikTok has become massively shareable, but there’s still a desire for long-form content, which is best suited to audio.

Voice assistants are changing

Home devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home have become a normal part of our home and work life. 65% think using voice assistants have changed their behaviour

The top three functions are playing music, getting weather updates, and searching Google for specific information. 43% of us make purchases with our voice assistants too, particularly from Amazon and food delivery services. 

As our home assistants gain more functions, talking is beginning to replace tapping and swiping for specific functions. Search is now vocal. This is a massive opportunity for brands trying to reach people when they’re thinking about buying.

Why your business needs to start creating audio content

One of the most influential voices in business, Gary Vaynerchuk, is particularly passionate about audio content. He thinks people’s appetite for audio content is only getting bigger, and the “the companies that create the best originals are going to win”. 

Quality over quantity is essential. If your brand is going to start pushing out audio content, whether that’s Alexa Skills or podcasts, it’s vital to be engaging and audience-specific. Only then can you unlock the benefits of reaching new people in the right frame of mind. 

Create content that your audience really wants to listen to

You don’t have to start from scratch. You can repurpose your existing written and video content to create new, engaging audio content. Venture Motion can help you create an audio marketing strategy that keeps developing. 


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