Make hundreds of lending decisions in seconds

LendTech is our lending automation platform consisting of a suite of custom built apps that enable organisations in the lending sector to automate their KYC operations and enhance decision making and underwriting.

With our Lending Decision Engine at the heart of the platform, we enable finance organisations to automate time consuming underwriting tasks whilst aiding sales and marketing with real time data.

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Venture Motion's affordable finance automation platform

Utilising a range of APIs, our platform will automate all of your underwriting and loan application procedures.

Venture Motion's finance automation platform

The apps underpinning LendTech

The LendTech automation platform is built on a foundation of different apps that make
use of both APIs from major credit agencies, as well as custom-built services designed to
benefit any business. Tap on each module to learn more.

LendTech decision engine

Our automated decision engine takes data from a number of different sources and makes accurate decisions based on your own custom criteria.

Open banking integration

Open banking technology gives your business the ability to view the bank statements of applicants for your lending services in real time.

Companies House integration

The Companies House app entirely automates the checking and validation process, giving you real-time, accurate data into limited companies.

Equifax consumer app

With our Equifax Consumer Credit Scoring app, lenders can make fast, informed lending decisions from one of the world’s largest credit checking companies. 

Custom online applications

Our fully customisable application form app helps make your KYC process more efficient and feeds your customer data directly into the decision engine.

Eligibility reports

Within seconds of an application being submitted, the eligibility report app gives you a score and detailed analysis of the data based on your custom criteria.

Documentation upload

Instead of having to scan and send their documents, our document upload platform allows customers to simply drag and drop digital files into your system.

Customer portal

From viewing the status of your deals, to setting and amending the criteria for automated approvals and denials, our portal gives you full control.

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The perfect fit for your sector

LendTech is the perfect fit for a range of different sectors within the financial services industry. These include;

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Business lenders 

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Business lenders 

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Consumer lenders  

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Mortgage brokers

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Mortgage lenders 

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Car financing

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Tenancy companies 

Who we can integrate with

Our integrations are extensive from

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How to check company credit scores

How To Check Company Credit Scores Checking credit scores through agencies such as Experian, Equifax or Creditsafe is often an essential part of the operation of many different businesses. When

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